Adopt And Foster

Meet Our Rabbits

Whether you are planning to foster or adopt we ask that you set up a quick thirty minute appointment with us to go through a Basic Bunny Training session.


Miss Maisel is a big  girl at almost 9 lbs. She is only 1 year old. She will be spayed this week and is already vaccinated. She is accustomed to kids, dogs, and other buns. She is looking for a home with another bun or a lot of interaction with humans or other pets She is confident and boisterous and loves to snuggle. She has one eye and navigates just as well as the explorer Magellan.

Honey and Luca

These 2 brothers are looking for love and room to roam. They currently have a whole room to themselves for digging, shredding and bouncing around. They are active boys in the prime of their active lives so they want plenty of things to chew, jump on, and hide in. They are about 2 years old and weigh about 3 pounds each. If you are wondering how small that is, just think of the tiny stuffed animals that you put in a baby’s crib and that is about the right size  They are used to cats, small dogs, and older children. They are neutered and vaccinated against RHDv2. Are you ready for this dynamic duo?