Re-Homing Your Bunny

Re-Homing Your Bunny

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The Process

Unfortunately we Do Not have a physical location. Instead we take buns to the houses in our foster program.

Reno Rabbit Rescue volunteers bring abandoned rabbits to foster homes until a permanent family can be found.

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RRR Does Not accept rabbits into the foster program until they are vaccinated for RHDv2.

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NextDoor App

Nextdoor posts to your local area, so it is a good option for re-homing your bunny. Find more people in your neighborhood with

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Advertising For a New Home

If you’re looking to part with a pet rabbit, we recommend advertising for the right home. This strategy will ensure that your bunny goes to a safe home and remains off a snake’s menu.

Advertising Options

List on your Facebook page and “Share” with Reno Rabbit Rescue so that we can post on our social media feeds.

Including your bunny on other social feeds also helps.

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Application Recommendations

You could request a small fee when accepting your potential candidate to guarantee their dedication to helping your bun.

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At Reno Rabbit Rescue, we use the Rule of 4’s to detail suitable bunny conditions. Advertising these rules may help you find the right family for your bun.

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At Reno Rabbit Rescue, we require that the primary caregiver is an adult.  We recommend you use the same requirement when talking with potential new homes for your bunny.  Here is a sample application you can ask potential adopters to fill out.

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Need More?

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