Housing Your Bun

We advocate for all bunnies to be “house bunnies” which means they are inside at all times unless it is a secure and supervised outside play area.

When in doubt always remember the

Rule of 4’s

  1. Habitat is 4 feet x 4 feet (x-pen)
  2. At least 4 different types of vegetables per week for variety/nutrition
  3. At least 4 hours on 4 days per week for exercise
  4. Unlimited hay, because rabbits need to FORage–chew all the time for their teeth and digestion limited hay because rabbits need to chew for survival
  5. We recommend bunnies in pairs FOR companionship-bunnies are not solitary in the wild Rabbits are FORever pets, which is 10-2 years

The Rule of 4’s keeps a bunny safe from predators and allows more interaction with other family members (humans or other pets).

X Pens

Housing your rabbit in an exercise pen (commonly known as an x-pen) can be a big improvement over the idea of a cage.

Two bunnies in an X-pen (a small pen that provides rabbits with basic and essential needs).
image by rabbit house society